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Welcome to my language solutions!

I’m Heide Frank, a freelance language professional specialising in German, Italian and English communication. As a solopreneur, I have spent the past 23 years helping SMEs and individuals to communicate painlessly with their international business partners and to overcome potential language barriers in German, Italian and English. I work with a variety of international companies, as well as translation agencies and language schools in Germany and Italy.

Don’t take my word for it:

Read what my satisfied customers say about me:
From 2010-2017 I had the pleasure to have Ms. Heide Frank as my personal interpreter during our annual EWC meetings. She interpreted from German to Italian and vice versa, as well as from English to Italian. Since it was my first experience with simultaneous interpreting technology, initially I was a bit sceptical about lost content, especially due to the highly complex settings and legal terminology involved. So it really was such a pleasure to rely on Ms Franks’s impeccable skills and professional manner, guaranteeing a flawless translation of every delegates’s speech and contribution without any interruptions. She was also in charge of translating all documents and speeches relevant to the meetings. Thanks to her impeccable written and oral language services she contributed to highly successful meetings in our European settings.
Italian European Works Council representative of International Corporation
I have used Heide's services in two occasions to help me with English-to German and Italian medical translations and can recommend her services to anyone in need of services of a highlyprofessional translator. I am very thankful of her expertise, reliability and excellent service mind.
Jukka Isorinne Spinal Specialist in Manual Medicines, Neurological Physiotherapist, Scientist
Heide is a very professional, efficient and pleasant person. We like to work with her!
Owner Italian plant engineering company
Heide is very precise, always meets requirements and deadlines. She is always ready to discuss on difficult issues and give a hand to help. A splendid colleague to work with!!!
Colleague and owner of Italian translation agency
Working with Heide is a pleasure. When she takes on an assignment, you can rest assured that she will deliver flawless translations always on time. Her deep knowledge of her working language pairs allows for great results. Thank you Heide. We look forward to working with you on many projects to come.
Owner Italian translation agency
Heide is a very reliable and professional translator. I am always happy to collaborate with her because I know I will receive a flawless and fluent target text that will meet my expectations.
Anna Massera colleague
I had the pleasure of collaborating with Heide for my Talking Teaching video series Heide added great value to the project, engaging the audience and providing a wide range of insight. Heide demonstrated a rare intensity of passion during our collaboration, and this positive attitude combined with her professionalism and experience in teaching would undoubtedly make her a valued member of any educational team or project.
Karl Millsom Owner of Talking Teachers , video series. I am an active part of his two LI groups #TalkingTeachers and #RebelTeachersNetwork
Heide is such a great person: professional, passionate, tenacious, hard-working, sincere, friendly, direct. She will tell you things straight directly to you, motivate you... She is a delight to work with. I am so pleased to collaborate with her, for her grand professionalism and personality.
Marie Da Silva founder of LINGOMIX international language cafè
Heide is an excellent teacher, always patient and cheerful, and she makes lessons fun. She has helped me gain confidence in spoken and written Italian so that I can communicate more easily and effectively with my clients. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their Italian language skills and learn more about Italian culture.
Charlotte Fleming
We are a group of six pupils and wanted to learn Italian at the VHS in a relaxed environment. Our teacher Heide with her confident and very friendly manner makes the lessons very interesting and always responds to our wishes and needs. Within only three VHS semesters we have completed a high level. Her friendly manner takes away our inhibitions about speaking Italian. The lessons with her in our group are a lot of fun, because it is always easier for us to speak freely, which also increases our motivation in the lessons. Of course she corrects any mistakes that are made and we work together to reduce them as much as possible over time. The relaxed atmosphere allows you to forget everyday life and you learn the language in a playful way - provided, of course, that you have the necessary will to learn. We are looking forward to further courses with her.
Dr. Roman Stein

How can I help you?

I offer bespoke language services in my working languages to help you achieve your goals in communicating with your clients and prospects abroad.

I have more that 23 years’ experience as a qualified translator, interpreter and language coach, working with international corporations worldwide, so you can be sure of getting top-quality, appropriate advice and coaching.

I tailor language solutions to your needs, specialising mainly in German<>Italian communication. With a bilingual and bicultural background, I am equally at ease in both languages and cultures and can help you feel the same.

I also provide translation and interpreting services in the following language combinations:

German<>English (only for liaison (B2B) interpreting).

My goal is to give you top-quality service as well as expert social and cross-cultural skills in your relevant target language.

I will accompany you on your language learning adventure and support you from the start via a dedicated needs analysis to make sure you effectively achieve the goals you have set.

Background information

I was awarded a BA in Culture and Linguistic Mediation in Italian, German and
English (2006)
as well as a First level degree in Interpreting and Translating specializing in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting (July 2000) by the Italian University of Applied Sciences SSML S.Pellegrino.

I am a passionate learner, always trying to broaden my horizons by attending regular CPD courses, specialising further in online teaching, interpreting, diversity, inclusiveness and intercultural studies, as well as in resilience and mindfulness.

I also regularly attend professional workshops organised by the main Associations of interpreters and translators and teaching institutions, in order to improve the professional skills I offer.

I have been a member of the German Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ e. V.) since 2001.

If you would like to know more about recent CPDs I have attended so far, please feel free to email me to learn more.

Me as a teacher…

Always wanted to learn a new language but unsure which approach to take?
Let’s talk!

My main goal is to accompany my students on this fantastic journey of language learning.

I have been teaching for 23+ years in different settings (corporate and academic). I’m a dynamic and result-orientated language instructor committed to instilling a passion for languages and foreign cultures, and creating multicultural awareness.

My mission is to empower my students to succeed and realise their goals.

I take pride in delivering customised courses, putting the student at the very centre of my communication-driven approach.

The courses can be 1-to-1, group courses, webinars, or intensive/extensive mode according to your own time-schedule and needs.

To learn more about the different course types, browse through my teaching FAQs and get in touch for any further queries.

Looking forward to discussing your teaching needs.


I have worked as an interpreter since my first trade show assignment back in 1995. Since then I have interpreted in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Taiwan, on different projects and in different situations.

I provide interpreting services in the following language combinations:



The main interpreting techniques I use are

Liaison (B2B interpreting), used during business negotiations and company visits;

Chuchotage (whispered interpreting), used in Law Courts, Public Service settings (ceremonies, weddings), group meetings (e.g. European Works Council meetings) and workshops when you have one client, or at most two, to attend to.

Tradeshow interpreting

Sworn interpreting: I am a sworn interpreter for Italian and entitled to act as a Public Service Interpreter during weddings, meetings with notaries, police hearings etc.


European Works Councils

Technical workshops

Medical / Psychological visits

Public Service (Community) interpreting services

B2B meetings


Why choose me?

I offer specialised translation to present your business professionally to your international customers and prospects.

Since 2000 I have regularly translated from Italian and English into German for international companies, specialising mainly in technical and legal translations.

I offer translations in the following areas:









Contact me for

Personally tailored German, Business English or Italian lessons (remote or face-to-face)

Translations into German (IT/EN>DE)

Liaison (B2B) interpreting (DE<>IT and DE<>EN)

Public Service interpreting (DE<>IT and DE<>EN)

Chuchotage interpreting (DE<>IT and DE<>EN)

If you want to discuss a project or have further questions about my services, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Let’s connect.

VATno: DE241951968 I look forward to helping you with your interpretation, translation and language needs. Your mission is my goal!

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    Course FAQS:

    What type of courses and languages do you offer?

    I offer 1-to-1 and group courses.

    I also offer intercultural workshops and seminars to international expats (executives) who have been sent to Germany or Italy on a temporary contract or companies that want to learn about the German or Italian corporate culture of their respective customers/suppliers.

    At beginner level, a consistent approach is highly recommended in order to achieve a realistic goal and keep the knowledge acquired updated. I recommend having one session (90 minutes) per week.

    Available courses are:
    German for Beginners
    German for International Expats and Executives
    German for the Workplace
    German Public Speaking
    Preparation courses for international students wishing to enroll at a German university

    Improve your English grammar
    Business English communication intensive course (small talk, meetings, emailing, telephoning, public speaking)

    Italian for beginners (A1-A2)
    Italian for intermediate students (B1/B2)
    Italian for advanced students (C1/C2)
    Italian for academic study
    Italian for senior citizens
    Preparation courses for international students wishing to enroll at an Italian university

    Please get in touch to learn more about my detailed course content!!!

    Do you prepare for official exams like Goethe, TELC, LCCI etc?
    Yes, I do. Please get in touch to learn more about the content and costs.
    Do you offer special packages?

    I do have special packages starting with my “taster course”, comprising 10 units x 45 mins, to give you a basic language input and make you want more.

    I take pride in creating tailored courses and packages to match everyone’s target. Feel free to contact me for a personalised quotation.

    Where do the sessions take place?

    I only offer remote language courses, using mainly the
    following videoconferencing tools:

    Skype, Zoom, Teams, Webex.

    What are your terms of payment?

    Please message me via the contact form or email me at to discuss payment terms

    Which type of materials do you use?

    Please get back by email to discuss your needs and to find out which textbook would be the best fit, if any.

    However, in most cases I use free resources as, especially for intermediate and advanced level courses, I do not see the need to stick to a coursebook.

    What are your available timeslots?
    I offer courses throughout the day from Monday-Saturday. Time-slots also depend on your time zone, so when emailing me please indicate the time zone you live in.